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Apple Watch Ultra 60 Hours Backup

Apple Watch Ultra 60 Hours Backup : Apple Watch Ultra at its iPhone 14 launch event on September 7. The new rugged Apple Watch sports a bold design and a wide array of features made for endurance, exploration and adventure.

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The all-new Apple Watch Ultra features a 49mm titanium case and flat sapphire front crystal, which is said to be the largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever. To give power to the big smartwatch, the company has also increased its battery size.

Apple Watch Ultra Battery

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The Apple Watch Ultra was designed for endurance athletes, outdoor adventurers and water sports enthusiasts who need long battery life to compete and explore. That’s why we optimized every aspect of the Apple Watch Ultra for battery life. And since everyone will use the Apple Watch Ultra differently, we tested several other metrics as well.

Apple Watch Ultra Battery Life Testing The pre-production Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) was paired with the iPhone in August 2022 by Apple; All devices were tested with pre-release software. Battery life varies by usage, cellular coverage, configuration, and many other factors; Actual results will vary.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra charge can last up to 36 hours. Apple also unveiled low power mode and battery saving features with the new Watch series. According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra can deliver up to 60 hours of battery life when operating in low power mode. The Apple Watch Ultra now offers over 24 hours of battery backup, making it the first smartwatch from the company to do so.

The battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra can be a deciding factor for many customers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and average users alike. Apple Watch Ultra lasts 36 hours with normal use, double the 18-hour estimate. With the new Low Power Mode, which disables battery-draining features like Always On Display and automatic workout tracking.

Apple Watch Ultra lasts up to 60 hours. While Low Power Mode manages to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad, we don’t know how effective it is for the Apple Watch yet. We’ll test it out when we get these smartwatches on our wrists.


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The Apple Watch Ultra design provides a whole new look for Apple’s smartwatch lineup. Its pitch is prepared for adventure in all kinds of terrains. Most notably, the Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium 49mm case—the largest Apple Watch ever made.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Ultra has a larger digital crown with a more pronounced notch that is now housed in a raised extension alongside the regular side button. There’s an additional action button on the left that can quickly launch a specified feature as well as a visible speaker grille.


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Apple Watch Ultra Features. Both watches run on watchOS 9, have a new skin temperature sensor, new crash detection emergency function, a familiar set of communication options, support for the best Apple Watch apps, a full suite for fitness tracking, and more. At their foundation, they are similar tools.

The watches also get a redesigned Compass app, which now lets you save waypoints and retrace your steps, along with the Track Back feature. But what’s different, you’ll notice that only the Apple Watch Ultra has the latest GPS protocol (L5), which promises the most accurate location data of any Apple Watch yet.

There’s also a Depths app exclusively for the Apple Watch Ultra. It can automatically begin measuring dives below 3 feet, with the device being waterproof to 100 meters, or twice the depth of the Apple Watch series.


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The Apple Watch Ultra is best for those who would benefit from outdoor sporting features, or who can justify spending $799 for twice the battery life and bigger screen.


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The Apple Watch Ultra costs $799, only coming in one configuration with cellular support. Although it’s expensive in comparison, we’ll see that the stainless steel, titanium, or version models of the Apple Watch are just as expensive (or more expensive).

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