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Oneplus Nord Buds CE Bluetooth Version BT 5.2 | OnePlus AirPods price

Oneplus Nord Buds CE Bluetooth Version BT 5.2 | OnePlus AirPods price : OnePlus Nord Buds CE TWS earbuds highlighted specs and features include 13.4mm speaker driver, AI noise cancellation for calls, up to 20 hours of listening time, and 94ms ultra-low latency for better gaming action.

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In addition, it has Bluetooth v5.2, touch controls, fast pairing, and IPX4 dust and water resistant rating. Read about the earbuds in detail and see how it stacks up against their competitors.

Nord Buds CE Design 

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The OnePlus Nord Buds CE feature a classic one-size-fits-all earbud design, similar to the AirPods. OnePlus had previously used this design on the original OnePlus Buds, but later moved on to the in-ear design. The Nord Buds CE earbuds look similar to the AirPods, with a similar hairdryer style shape and roughly the same size for the part that sits inside your ear.

This is where they differ from the original OnePlus Buds, which had much more bulbous proportions designed for larger ears. The semi in-ear design of the Buds comes with its pros and cons. Because it doesn’t sit very deeply into the ear canal, the buds can be used for several hours without irritating or straining the ear. They remain clean and oil free.

However, the distance from the eardrum means that one will inevitably have to listen to their music and make calls at higher volumes – at least 50% or so. The complete lack of noise cancellation will be a problem for wearers hoping to use their buds on long flights, train rides, or while working in a lively office.

Nord Buds CE Sound

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You know the OnePlus Nord Buds CE are powerful listening aids as soon as you connect over Bluetooth and play the first song. The 13.4mm titanium drivers deliver a formidable but not great bass. The HeyMelody app allows you to choose from four modes – Bass, Balanced, Serenade, Gentle and a Game Mode – to customize your listening experience.

However, the app was not compatible with my MacBook laptop, where I listen to most of my music. Whichever mode you use, the carefully blended audio and high-fidelity sound are an absolute delight. I used ASMR, rock, heavy metal, pop, and instrumental symphonies; The Nord Buds CE excelled in almost every genre.

Vocals are clean and bright while instruments are flawlessly layered. Background and ambient sounds are captured with pleasant crispness and clarity. However, the semi-in-ear design means that outside distractions can get in the way of your listening experience.

The Buds are ideal for relaxing in a quiet environment or working in a space free from ambient noise. The OnePlus Nord Buds CE TWS gets 2×13.3mm, dynamic drivers with up to 3dB of deep bass. Impressively, it comes with AI noise cancellation for calls enhancing the audio quality during calls. In addition, buyers can enjoy four different audio modes such as Bass, Serenade, Gentle and Balance using the HeyMelody app.

The earbuds come with ultra-low latency up to 94ms that enhances the gaming and viewing experience along with better audio-video sync. As for the controls, the earbuds support touch gestures to control music playback and incoming calls, and activate the voice assistant. Furthermore, it comes with an IPX4 water-resistant rating for better durability.

Nord Buds CE Comfort

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Comfort is a tricky subject when it comes to this style of earbuds. One-size-fits-all design can be mind-boggling and rarely works for everyone. Depending on the size of your ears, you may find the Nord Buds CE either too small or too big, which not only affects their comfort but also the sound quality. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to change that, which is why this style of earbuds has mostly fallen out of fashion.

But even while they fit well, this style of earbuds isn’t quite as comfortable as the in-ear models. While in-ear models use soft silicone tips to secure themselves in your ear canal, these earbuds sit in your eardrum and take pressure off of it to stay around. This pressure builds up when you press them down a bit to create a better seal.

This means that over time your ears will start to ache a bit, which for me was after about a few hours. Still, if you find the original AirPods comfortable, you shouldn’t have a problem with them. They’re notably better than the original OnePlus Buds, which were huge and had a hard time staying in my ears.

Nord Buds CE Battery Life

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The Nord Buds CE has a claimed battery life of 4.5 hours of continuous playback for the Buds, providing a total of 20 hours (so about four additional charges). In my testing, the Nord Buds CE played for 4 hours and 45 minutes, which is a bit more than the official figure.

OnePlus also claims 81 minutes of usage after ten minutes of charging the buds inside the case. I got 90 minutes in my test, which is again a little over the official figure. The overall battery life isn’t excellent, as there aren’t any special features like active noise cancellation, but still enough for most use cases.

Nord Buds CE Price Range

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The OnePlus Nord Buds CE is priced at Rs 2299, which roughly translates to $29. While that’s not a lot of money, there are many other options available in this price range, many of which are cheaper. But while it’s certainly not the cheapest, it’s certainly one of the best-sounding pair of wireless earbuds in its segment today. In fact, it feels better than some that cost twice as much, including OnePlus’ own models.

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