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the 360° Gloo Wall trick and how to do it in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max offers top-notch mobility where users can enjoy the best battle royale experience. The game offers an easy-to-learn shooting and survival mechanism where the availability of various in-game items such as weapons, vehicles, and other utilities such as frag and gloo wall grenades are very useful.

Gamers can use many amazing tricks with these items to get the best gaming experience. The 360° Glue Wall Trick is one of those great maneuvers with which they can cover themselves with glue walls from all sides. This is important in open zone gunfights, where players lack hardcover.

Gloo Walls are an integral part of Free Fire Max and are among the most important utility items. The use of glue walls has become paramount, especially at high levels during offense and defense.

It is typically used by players with the ability to get immediate cover in the middle of a fight. Users can quickly gain an edge by performing various tricks with this utility item. Some examples of these tricks are the 360° gloo wall trick and the back run glue wall, which have served players very well.

Best Steps to use the 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire MAX

Players must follow the steps listed below to use the 360° Glue Wall Trick:

Step 1: After firing at the opponent, players must slide their fire button downwards to position the crosshairs near their character’s feet.

Step 2: Click on the crouch button and drag the fire button to set their glue wall, while the latter will be placed using the left fire button.

Step 3: If a user is familiar with the crouch or sit-up glue wall, they will be able to perform this trick easily.

Step 4: If gamers are comfortable holding these walls via just the right fire button, they can move the joystick to the other side and drag it in a specific direction.

Free Fire: Guide to performing the 360° Gloo Wall trick

The 360° Glue Wall Trick demands users to quickly cover themselves with glue walls. It is primarily used in custom rooms and can help in a variety of situations.

Getting hold of the trick is challenging, and it will take users a long time to become proficient. These are some tips they can use to better themselves.

Custom HUD

Custom HUDs can generally be configured to suit the preferences of the user. However, it is recommended that gamers set the crouch and glue wall buttons close to each other. As a result, it will take less reaction time, and they will be able to perform the trick faster.


Users should have their ‘normal’ sensitivity set to a higher level as this will enable them to move their screen faster than a lower setting.

Other settings won’t affect the overall placement of the glue walls, and gamers can set them to any preferred level.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, they will need a lot of practice to become better and master the 360° Glue Wall Trick in Free Fire.

How do you make a 360 gloo wall in a Free Fire?

The 360° Glue Wall Trick in Free Fire is an invaluable skill for players to maintain. Unlike using a single glue wall to block fire coming from one direction, the 360° glue wall allows players to hump in the middle of crossfire without significantly worrying about the consequences.

Although the move is hard to execute and hard to master, players who can actually perfect the fashion will enjoy unmatched safety in the game, and will be better suited to deal with difficult situations fluently.

360° Glue Wall Trick Players use glue wall grenades to cover themselves from all directions, which provides a temporary cover. To complete this trick, players will need at least three or more grenades.

While this does not guarantee their survival, it does allow them to heal or revive their fellow comrades, increasing their chances of survival. It’s definitely a useful skill to have in one’s arsenal.

How to use Gloo wall in Free Fire in PC

Of all the items, the Glue Wall is also the coolest item in Free Fire that can get you to the buoy. The glue wall helps the player in every situation on the battlefield – either short-range or long-range combat.

You may have noticed that players playing Free Fire on PC are adept at using glue walls – they use it faster than expected. They know when and how to use the Glue Wall in Free Fire, so they survive longer and kill more enemies on the battlefield.

Have you ever used Throw Glue Wall and Fight Position in Free Fire in the same place? What is the use of this, then listen.

As you know, FF Glue Wall has a limited hit point, and if you use 2 Glue Walls at once, your enemy will run away, and you will live longer.

Think to yourself, what would you do if your enemy threw two walls at you – will you waste your time destroying those covers, or will you run away? But, this trick works perfectly when you’re caught between more than one enemy in a match.

Best gloo wall skin in Free Fire

Free Fire Glue Wall Design: Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile battle royale game in the world. Garena always introduces new items to the players. They often come with many characters, skins, costumes, vouchers and many other items.

Basically, all these items come up during collaborations and events. Glue Wall skins are one of the most used items in the game. These items come with many different skins. So, let us look at the top 5 Free Fire Glue Wall Skins.

  1. Death Guardian
  2. Spikey Skin
  3. Gold Vault- Gloo Wall
  4. Cobra Strike
  5. Ancient Order

Glue Walls are among the essential utilities in Garena Free Fire that every player uses, regardless of mode or combat situation. Although it is very difficult to master the use of Glue Wall, players can learn a number of important tricks by practicing in training mode.

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