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The ‘Virgin River’ Season 4 Cast

The ‘Virgin River’ Season 4 Cast : The fourth season of the hit Netflix romance series Virgin Rivers introduced some new characters to shake things up while welcoming its existing cast—the oddball, tit-for-tat community of Virgin Rivers,

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a fictional city in Northern California— The leads in Season 4 from the Middle of Virgin River are Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack, once again revolving around small town drama, healthy comedy, and strange car accident/kidnapping/untimely death. off-the-pair. (Not too much, mind you. Virgin River takes its inspiration from “slow” small-town shows like Dawson Creek and Gilmore Girls—an antidote to the high-octane shine of shows like Succession.) Two new characters were teased in the Season 3 finale of Virgin Rivers, and both received expanded roles in Season 4. Meanwhile, a cute face that has disappeared from Season 3 finally returns. Let’s see who is in Season 4 of Virgin River.

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe

Leading the show with Henderson, This Is Us star is Breckenridge, who plays Mel Monroe. The series begins with Mel returning to work as a nurse at a local practice after suffering an unspeakable loss. After a shaky start in the small, insular town, Mel settles and falls for local veteran and bar owner Jack Sheridan, played by Henderson. Season three ends with Mel telling Jack that she is pregnant, but that the baby may not be hers.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan

Martin Henderson, the New Zealand actor you might remember from The Ring—yes, that was the face that haunts your nightmares—and played Jack, the handsome, haunted veteran and owner of Jack’s bar, in Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video Is. During the show’s last three seasons, Jack has taken most of the Virgin River blows: he’s shot, suffers horribly from alcoholism and PTSD, and can’t seem to hold up a relationship (though season three ends Jack. by proposing to Mail – he didn’t reply to her). Going into season four, we’re likely to find out who shot him and why, and we’ll follow his journey with his ex-girlfriend, Charmaine, to try to gain joint custody of his twins.

Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea

She’s back! Due to COVID-19 filming restrictions, veteran actress McCrea—who plays the city’s beloved mayor, Hope—was unable to join the rest of the cast in Vancouver for season three filming. The show wrote off McCree’s Season 3 absence, sending Hope away to care for a sick relative—but for season four, Hope was confirmed to join the cast once again.

Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins

Another acting stalwart, Matheson plays the grumpy, kind-hearted Doctor Mullins, a local doctor from the Virgin River. The Doctor is also Hope McCrea’s ex-husband and now-fiancée, and was devastated to learn of his dire condition at the end of last season.

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady

Benjamin Hollingsworth plays Brady, the bad boy with a heart of gold. Last season, Brady fell in love with Brie—Jack’s sister—and, at the same time, was accused of being the person who shot Jack. Brady has mixed himself with Virgin River’s drug-dealing underbelly in the past, and though he’s tried to better himself since falling for Brie.

Zibby Allen as Brie

Grey’s Anatomy alum Allen plays Jack’s hotshot lawyer sister Brie, who trades town for a slow-paced life in the Virgin River—and for Brady, who unexpectedly falls for Brie. Brie caught season three between her brother and Brady.

Colin Lawrence as Preacher

Lawrence plays the city’s resident voice preacher. Preacher served in the army with Jack; Now, he is the head chef and Jack’s partner at the bar. Last season, Preacher took possession of her romantic interest Paige’s son, Christopher, after Paige ran away from her abusive ex-husband. Unfortunately, the season ends with Preacher being tricked and drugged by a former friend of Peggy’s so that Christopher’s father can kidnap her.

Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts

Jack’s former on-and-off girlfriend, Charmaine, ends season three as a (almost) villain in her own right, promising Jack an all-out custody battle over the twins—who are Jack’s biological children. – If he tried to seek their rights.

Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey as Ricky

Maxwell Gurnsey brings some youthful sweetness to the show as Ricky, a devoted grandson of Lidy and a server at Jack’s bar. Last season, we saw Ricky tell his girlfriend Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) that he planned to join the Marines, effectively ending his and Lizzie’s relationship.

Kai Bradbury as Denny Cutler

Joining the cast of Virgin River for season four is Denny, played by Bradbury, who appeared at the end of season three asking about Doctor Mullins. The Reason? He is the doctor’s grandson, they say. Which is unexpected, since the Doctor never had any children (well, the one he knew).

Mark Ghanimé as Dr. Cameron Hayek

The only completely new face in the cast of Season 4 of Virgin River is Dr. Hayek, played by Ghanim, who joins Mel and Doc as the clinic’s second doctor. Per Deadline: “Armed with charming good looks, a sharp-witted wit and a smile that can light up the world.

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