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Top 10 best survival game for Android | high graphics game

Friends, today we will tell you the top 10 survival games which come with very amazing graphics, there is a lot of interest in playing these games, someone will definitely want to play this game, we have not added Minecraft to this list because it is a most famous survival game, almost all players know this, so we have not included Minecraft game in our list, this game list is quite different.

Best survival game for Android And iOS, PC

There are a lot of survival games that you can play now. I can share 10 games that according to PCGamer, are the best survival games that you can play on PC and mobile devices

#1. project Gaia online survival game

This game is completely online, you get the option to form a team inside this game and you get to see many new zombie and creature, the graphics and sound quality of this game is quite amazing, recently this game has been launched. This game is available on Google Play Store

#2. life after game

The storyline of this game is very good and many cut scenes have been given in it, which looks like a movie scene Recently the size of this game is 61.GB, so in this you will get to see high quality graphics, so it is a lot of fun to play the game, you get to see a huge huge area in this game, and many new ones in it. Will see new season and updates.

#3. Lost In blue

This game is based on the storyline, its story starts with some aeroplane, due to some reason the aeroplane crashes and falls on an island and there are many zombies on that island and you are surviving in that place. Due to the good story line, you enjoy playing the game a lot, the size of this game is 400MB, this game will be easily available on Google Play Store

#4. Radiation City

The graphics quality of this game is very good, inside this game you get to see a lot of zombies because nuclear explodes in the story line of this game, due to which all the people of the city get converted into zombies. The story line of this game is very interesting, so you will enjoy it a lot.

#5. Last Day on Earth: Survival

A zombie apocalypse has happened, the old world is destroyed, and a new one needs to be built on its ruins. Hordes of zombies scurry around and supplies of food and resources are extremely limited. First of all, you need to strengthen the shelter, then replenish supplies of food, then find new subordinates in your team, and then you can go go fight zombies. The game features an advanced crafting system that allows you to create unique weapons.

#6. Realmcraft

Realmcraft is a survival sandbox with a randomly generated Minecraft-style world. There is also a survival mode, in which you have to use your wit and creativity to survive. This game is distinguished by the fact that it is free and has a wide variety of textures and skins.

#7. The game has 3 modes

survival, wilderness, and endless. If one of the players died in survival mode, then he turns into a ghost and gradually makes other players insane until someone resurrects him with a special item. If all the characters died, then the world is reset to zero and you have to start again.

The endless mode is softer, all characters can be resurrected by going through the portal, you do not have to start the game again. Wilderness mode is the most severe – in the case of a player’s death, the game ends for him. Whatever mode you choose, the game keeps you in suspense from beginning to end.

#8. To survive in it you need to follow 3 indicators

health, hunger, and madness. If you do not have time to find food and make a fire before the end of the day, then your character risks being eaten by creepy monsters.

In addition, dangers like poisonous snakes and poisonous berries await you at every step. This game can be played by 8 people at a time.

In some ways, playing with friends makes it easier and faster to get food and find firewood but at the same time more resources are needed.

#9. PUBG mobile (BGMI)

Pubg is far much optimized than survival game. Today pubg running its fifth season while survival game is just launched.

Survival game contains much more bugs compare to pubg.

You can consider that survival game is also too good because it offers gameplay in just 185 MB. while pubg will require more than 10 times data.

Pubg also win google play store 2018 best game award.If you have wifi or 1.5gb/day plan than you should try pubg but be aware pubg is so much addictive. You can search recent pubg addicted cases first before trying it.

#10. The Silent Hill series. (the horror game)

Why, because the game is so cerebral and it literally makes you wonder just how messed up the creators are with how they can make the scenario so dark and disturbing for the players.

Silent Hill 2 is probably the best example. James Sunderland is haunted by a letter from his deceased wife, claiming that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill, yet she died years ago! He goes there to get answers and finds only more questions and horrifying Nightmares.

The monsters are tailor made to James’ own mental psyche, the Patients, the Mannequins, the Bedmen, and the legendary Pyramid Head!

You, the player, are no action hero, you have to scramble and scavenge whatever you can find to help you and the few other humans you see , and your skills are average at best!

You can’t go in guns a’blazing, unless you want to run out of ammo fast and end up a snack platter for the monsters! You can get hurt and will need to find resources not only to use as weapons, but to heal yourself and to solve the many weird and wonderful puzzles around!

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