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Top 5 AWM gun skins in Free Fire Max

AWM is one of the most powerful Sniper gun inside the free fire Max game, this gun is capable of shooting from a great distance. In this gun game, you get to see a lot of skins. Power increases, so this gun is very much liked by free fire players.

he list of strongholds available in free fire max is long, but awm is one of the uttermost dangerous strongholds available in it. this gun can be made yea other vital near adding it to the skin. let us know which skin is sporty for this gun.

You can download Free Fire Max on both Android and iOS platforms. In this game you get valuable HD quality game play, in which players will get violent survival battle royale experience. In the game, you get numerous strongholds, with the help of which you can worst the opponents.

The AWM is one of the most dangerous strongholds in the game. With just one shot, players can pile up their opponents. To get it, players will have to steal anairdrop.However, it becomes yea more dangerous, If this stronghold is combined with a skin. Let us know with which skins you can use this fastness.

these are the tidy awm skins in free fire max

Which is the best skin of AWM in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is officially available for players to download on the mobile platform. The game offers premium HD-quality gameplay that is filled with an intense survival battle royale experience for the user.

The AWM is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Players can knock down or eliminate an enemy with a single headshot. To equip it, one has to loot an airdrop on any map.


Notwithstanding, either you can choose Cheetah AWM in Free Fire Max, If you talk about the noncasual option for AWM. You’ll get to see a cheetah-cognate pattern in this skin which comes in light chickenhearted color. Using this skin will better the damage per megahit capableness of the gun. The only disbenefit with this is the reduced magazine capacity.


This skin is also a good choice for AWM dopeheads. This is one of the oldest gun skins available for AWM. By buying this gun skin in Free Fire MAX, players will get better fire rate and damage per megahit. Notwithstanding, the aegis’s diurnal power decreases with the Valentine AWM skin.


The third skin on the list is a great option on the Duke Swallowtail AWM Free Fire Max. This is one of the dressy looking gun skins out there for AWM. With its help, the fire rate of the gun can be ameliorated and its magazine capacity can be enriched. The only handicap is the slow reload speed.


This skin is perfect for players who like to take intent at foes with quick dimension shots. The overall reload skin and magazine capacity of the gun can be enriched with the help of the Tagger Revolt AWM skin. This skin also gives a great look to the gun.


Playboy skin for AWM nuts is one of the tidy options available in Free Fire Max. Coming in orange and white pattern, this skin makes the look of the gun eye- catching. This skin improves the protection’s fire rate, which helps in fleetly reload and shot time. With its help, players can destroy a group of foes in a numerous seconds.

What are the top 5 best guns in free fire without gun skins in 2020?

This era in Free Fire is a drag, so I’ll tell you about them specifically. And remember that these are all about non-skin weapons.

AR Guns:

Dragunov– This gun has the highest AR gun damage in Free Fire. There is a bullet in the head and the enemy is down. Max Body Damage – 120, Minimum Body Damage – 35 (Only if the enemy is far away and has a level 4 vest, after hitting 2 shots his vest will wear out a bit and then you can easily give damage of 80 and above can).

XM8– The features have recently been changed and it’s really awesome for drag headshots. At the Holi celebrations, Garena presented us with a skin of XM8 which has the attribute =++ rate of fire, and I am sure you must have heard or seen this skin.

It is best for drag This gun also works perfectly for close-range fights. Max Body Damage – 33, Min Body Damage – 8 (only if the enemy is far from Hell and has Level 4 West).

M14– with its high damage and recently launched special attachments – M14 Rage core. This gun does a great job of eliminating enemies in seconds. Max Body Damage – 55, Minimum Body Damage – 18 (rarely the enemy is far away and has Level 4 West).
Other AR guns are good too if you know how to operate them, but these are the best.

smg guns:

Thompson– You might be shocked to hear this, but the best SMG according to me is Thompson (remember, we are talking about non-skin weapons only). Thompson FF has a new SMG, which has the highest accuracy among SMG styles, and it’s very easy to give drag using this SMG. Believe me or not, the MP40 has very low accuracy and low damage, but the highest rate of fire.

MP40– As I mentioned earlier the MP40 has low damage and accuracy, but the highest rate of fire. Recently, Garena gifted us a skin – MP40 Winterlands, which has attribute =++ rate of fire, and is the best option in SMG if you have skin.
I’m not placing the CG15 here because the gun is only available in certain modes.

sg guns:

Undoubtedly, it can be said– M1887 This gun has the highest range and accuracy in a shotgun. It also caused the most damage in its early stages, but was later removed due to lethal properties. But, if the enemy has no vest and is in the middle or close range, 3 shots are enough. Reload speed is also fast, 4/5 of a second.

sniper guns:

Here, it is now your choice to choose between the AWM and the M82B. You know that the M82B can shoot enemies behind a glue wall (but only if the enemy has used 1 glue wall to cover it).

On the other hand, AWM deals the most damage to snipers and if you attach the special AWN attachment – AWM Armor Piercer, it pierces through the enemy’s vest. On the other hand, the M82b has less accuracy, but can be used finely with the character Laura (Power – accuracy as scoping increases).

The Kar98 has the best accuracy among snipers if you use a special attachment – a biometric scope, but on the other hand, does little damage to the sniper. Although Garena had already gifted us a skin of KAR98 in which the attributes were increased to =++damaged, so there is no problem with that. (Garena is very generous). However, the loss is slightly fluctuating.

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