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Updated: More on WES Canceling Debut Show, Talent Reportedly Not Paid in Full

Updated: More on WES Canceling Debut Show, Talent Reportedly Not Paid in Full :- A new report has additional details about WES’s cancellation of its debut show, which disputes the reason for the cancellation by the company.

According to Fightful Select, multiple sources clarified that the show’s cancellation was due to poor ticket sales and mismanagement, as opposed to WES’s claim that it was due to a lack of talent. The site notes that between 300 and 400 tickets were sold.

Reportedly, others have confirmed Matthew Rehvold’s statement that the company asked him to leave another program and then was essentially haunted, with no agreement sent. In the statement sent out by the company, she said that she paid talent to the show. Clashing Notes it was “half-truth” and he only did it because he had to.

Many talents were “messed up” after the first show was postponed and, as a result, required payment before their talent agency was allowed to book them. Moose, Big Demo, Steph De Lander and Eric Young were among those who were paid and many were given flight credits for staying at home, but that’s about it.

The report also stated that Lena Fannen was paid almost half of the amount she had agreed to, simply because their agreement stipulated that she would be paid half.

She made it clear to the company as early as 23 June that she would not appear on the show because of how unprofessional the promotion was and had previously offered to pay a fan’s travel costs after its cancellation.

Several UK talent said they had not actually been paid for the show and had not received the important hotel or visa information to make the trip possible. Many of the talent present on the show did not know that the event was canceled until the announcement was made public on social media.

The many talents associated with both cancellations made it clear that they were never going to work for the company again.

Origins: The heavily publicized debut show of the wrestling entertainment series has been cancelled, with the company citing the reason for talent “not showing up”.

WES posted on Twitter on Wednesday to announce that the show, which was due to take place on Saturday, has been canceled and believes they will “still want to show [an event] in the near future.” will be able to.”

The full statement notes that they were forced to cancel due to “not showing much talent” and notes that all scheduled talent was paid in full. It specifically notes that Lena Fannen, aka former Nia Jax, “was even paid her deposit while she changed her mind and didn’t want to show up and wrestle anymore.”

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