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Venom: Marvel Teases Bedlam’s Identity With Secret Cover

Venom: Marvel Teases Bedlam’s Identity With Secret Cover :- A different cover has been revealed for Marvel’s Venom #10 by Paolo Sequeira and Rachel Rosenberg, but with a censor. Instead of a face on the cover, “Who’s Bedlam?” There is a black spot with the words. By definition, Bedlam means a scene of uproar and confusion.

Well, because fans are confused about the identity of the villain. Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are in the same boat. However, they are in worse shape as Bedlam has been terrorizing the father-son duo for some time. Written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Brian Hitch, fans are in for a treat with the next few issues of Venom.

Venom: The 05 Most Powerful Symbiotes, Ranked

In its thirty years of existence, Venom has evolved from a serious villain to an anti-hero and has shown superhero abilities over the years. With the latest Venom run making him one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel universe, now is a good time to reflect on the most remarkable stories that led him to this point.

1. Venom Fans Praise The Hunger

A five-issue story arc that took place in the first five issues of Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2, “The Hunger” is a story revered by Venom fans for getting the character back on track. After some strange behavior in the early 2000s, Venom became a goofy character that readers no longer took seriously.

Adding an original detail to the origins of Venom, “The Hunger” recounts how Eddie Brock was dying of terminal cancer and how the relationship with Venom kept him alive. The return of this detail and the presentation of Venom as a horror character brought his mythos back to a sensible scale where he belonged.

2. King In Black Made Venom A God

A massive Marvel Comics event that spanned multiple titles, the King in Black placed Venom at the center of a worldwide conflict with the elder god of Darkness, Nul. The culmination of Venom’s thirty-year history, the story centers around Venom and other important Marvel heroes as Null, while being aided by his cult of followers, begins an epic-scale invasion of Earth.

On top of introducing one of the most powerful villains in Marvel as Knoll, the King in Black made Venom one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. In fact, in the final chapters of the story, Venom leads an all-star Avengers roster against Null in an epic final battle.

3. Venom Made His Official Debut In Amazing Spider-Man 300

A landmark comic in Spider-Man history, Amazing Spider-Man #300 is special not only because of the numbers; The comic also served as Venom’s first official appearance. Although Eddie Brock and the symbiote first appeared separately in the mid-1980s, the two bonded and weren’t officially iconic villains until 1988. In the comic, Spider-Man returns home to find Mary Jane in a panic.

Mary Jane tells Peter that someone in a Spider-Man suit with huge teeth coming out of her mouth has broken into their house. Ultimately describing himself as Venom, Eddie Brock explains to Spider-Man that he intends to kill him in order to ruin his life as a reporter.

4. Agent Venom Introduced A New Host

A remarkable moment in the history of poison, poison Volume 2 served as a single beginning of the new host of genome, Flash Thompson, who was a friend of Peter Parker. Taking the name of the agent poison as a reference to his military history, Flash has achieved the ability to walk after the poison and became the collaborative of road level Vijayilante and Spider-Man.

With a new host with poison, the series got a way to develop the heroic side of poison Symbiote without making significant changes to Eddie Brock. Although this change was initially met with suspicions, Flash Thompson was eventually so popular that he had given a new identity as an agent anti-poison when Eddie Brock had returned and rebounded.

5. Eddie And Venom Were Separated In Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety, a four-issue mini-series in which Venom and Eddie were separated from each other, is an important story in the history of Venom. The comic centers around Eddie Brock shortly after he split from Venom, but it also helped develop other symbiosis such as Scream, Anguish and Phage.

In the story, Eddie is taken to a mysterious control facility in New Mexico. Soon after they arrive, the facility is attacked by five of Venom’s children, who quickly kill all the guards and take Eddie into their custody.

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