10 anime characters who cannot control their powers

There are a lot of anime characters in My Hero Academia who are unable to control their powers, as Quirk usually manifests during his childhood.  Most were taught to control their newfound abilities with love and care, which sadly was not the case for Arie.


Rin is usually able to keep his powers under control and uses his blue flames to defeat the hordes of demons deployed by his father.

Rin Okumura

Alpha Stigma is the most powerful ability in The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, as it allows its users to perceive, learn, and repeat any spell before their eyes.

Ryner Lute

When Aki was first introduced, he was considered the Black Rose Witch, as his ability to summon real demons into the fray has wounded countless opponents.

Aki Izayoi

When you reincarnate in another world, the last thing you expect is to be possessed by a fire demon.  Sadly, that's what happened to Shizu when I came to the world of that time, when I reincarnated as a slime.


Naruto's world is full of incredible powers that would be hard for most people to control, as exemplified by Jugo.  His clan has the ability to harness the natural energy and transform themselves into invincible fighting machines.


Zenitsu is working hard to become one of the best demon slayer in the world.  However, his unbridled cowardice may stand in the way.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Ascanor was blessed as a child with the ability to increase his magical power and physical strength according to the position of the Sun in the sky.


Mind reading is a power that many people would prefer to have, at least until they realize its concomitant dangers.  Kotoura is unfortunately someone who learned this lesson in the most horrifying way.


Mob, otherwise known as Shigeo, is the most powerful psychic in his universe.  His powers are such that he needs to be kept under constant surveillance.

Shigeo Kageyama