top 10 Best Pokémon Gym Leaders, Ranked

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The galler gym leader with an enduring love for dragon-type Pokémon, Rehan has garnered himself a huge fan following.


Introduced in both the anime and the original Pokémon Red and Blue games, Brock is as often remembered for his antics in the anime as he is for his talent as a gym leader.


Another Sword and Shield gym leader, Marnie focuses primarily on Dark-type Pokémon and looks the part.


Introduced in Red and Blue like Brock, Koga served as a gym leader who focused his attention on some of the best Poison-type Pokémon.


With a strong showing in Pokémon Black and White, Skyla is everything that her name suggests.


The daughter of a fisherman, Nessa specializes in what comes most naturally to her: water. A born competitor and a model on the side.


Like Brock, Misty is best known for his role in the anime series, but his position as gym leader in Red and Blue shouldn't be discounted.


Unlike other Gym Leaders, Blue isn't the type to stick to one specific Pokémon type. He is not only known for his time as a gym leader.


Introduced in Pokémon Black and White, Alessa lives up to her name: an electric-type Pokémon fanatic.


Unlike Alessa, Sabrina doesn't particularly care if the world considers her rude. Sabrina, the master of psychic Pokémon, isn't just a Pokémon master.