10 Unique Travel Destinations That Indians Just Haven’t Explore Enough

1. Albania  While travel destinations in Europe are infamous for being overly expensive, Albania offers a different story.

2. Bolivia  If you are looking for a really cheap place then this travel destination is your best option.  You can get food for just $1 and probably spend an average of $25 per day of stay.

3. Cambodia Cambodia is a place that proves that being affordable doesnt effect the quality of experience. The 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was shot in this country. 

4. Ecuador When in Ecuador, visit Quito, the capital city. Quito is a city that is very rich in culture and history. It should be the first stop when having a vacation in the country. 

5. Egypt We were as surprised as you are. Hostels in Cairo go for as low as $4 a night and could be cheaper if it’s a hostel outside the city. Sights and tourist activities can be done for as cheap as $5 up to $10, including a tour of the world-famous Pyramids of Giza

6. Ethiopia Bring your adventurous side if you are planning to have a trip to the diverse country of Ethiopia. For culture immersion, visit the very famous medieval settlement that closely resembles Jerusalem.

7. Guatemala Situated in the northern center of Central America, Guatemala is the right destination for budget travelers. Amazingly preserved Mayan civilizations lie here in Tikal.

8. Laos Laos boasts of cities that are rich in natural sites and beautiful man-made structures. And it is unbelievable how affordable everything is. The least one has tospend a day in Laos is less than $20.

9. Lithuania Staying in Lithuania for a vacation can cost as little as $15 a day. Hostels cost around $6 a day, and transportation can be less than a dollar. 

10. Macedonia Another budget-friendly European destination, Macedonia, or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, is a destination that’s great for hiking and backpacking tourists.