10 Best Home Exercises for Men

10 Best Home Exercises for Men

1. Jumping Jacks This exercise targets the whole body.  Jumping jacks are the best cardio exercises.

2. Plank It's the best exercise for rock hard abs.  A simple exercise for beginners for stronger abs and to strengthen your shoulders, arms and back.  It can be done in many variations.

3. Cross Crunches It’s more effective and easy exercise for abs and the oblique muscles.  It strengthens the core and strengthens your abdominal muscles.

4. Side Plank It strengthens oblique and helps your build stronger abs. How to do: Start on your side with feet together while keeping forearm below your shoulder.

5. Squats It helps you get in better shape when included in daily workout plan.  Strengthens lower body muscles for men.  It can be done in many variations.

6. Lunges A very good work out on the core that helps you strengthen your lower body and mobility in your hips.

7. Push-ups Basically, push-ups are effective exercise for strengthening chest and arm muscles.

8. Russian twist It's an effective workout for the whole abdomen.  It improves body balance and helps you keep in shape.

9. High Knees It helps you work on inner thighs and outer hip areas.  It's good belly fat burning exercise too!

10. Dead Bugs A great exercise for abdominal wall that improves your body flexibility and balance along with strengthening muscles.