BTS' J-Hope to collaborate with BLACKPINK

Bangtan boys and Blackpink girls are making headlines every day, fans want to see their collaboration now.  If the two most popular bands collaborate it will be a 'dream come true' moment. ❤️ 

Looks like we will soon get to see two band members working with each other on a project.  Recently, JHope removed the light version concept photos from their upcoming album Jack in the Box. ❤️ 

What caught everyone's attention was a box on the photo with '' printed on it.  This has raised doubts among BTS ARMY and BLACKPINK fans. ❤️ 

Meanwhile, J-Hope's full album will be releasing on July 15, so he shared a message with his fans. ❤️ 

According to the translation on Twitter, J-Hope wrote, "I don't know how you would have heard it, but I've always wanted to show you more cool stuff. ❤️ 

And I think there was always an immature desire to always think of the things that I could personally show you as BTS' J-Hope!!!" ❤️ 

His album Proof topped the Japanese Oricon Weekly Album Ranking chart.  According to the Oricon charts released on June 24, BTS's album Proof earned 546,373 points between June 13 and June 13. ❤️ 

Weekly album ranking chart according to global economic.  His agency Big Hit Music stated, "BTS' 540,000 mark was the highest score for Oricon Weekly. Meanwhile, South Korean boy band BTS held a global concert in Busan to support the country's bid to host the 2030 World Expo.  Will do ❤️ 

HYBE President Bang Si-hyuk and CEO Park Jiwon, and Busan Metropolitan City Park Mayor Heong-joon this morning at Busan Metropolitan City Hall on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote Busan's bid for World Expo 2030  signed. ❤️