Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Won't Feature New Story Elements, But That Doesn't Mean It's a Basic Remaster

In addition to its connection to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake story, Crysis Core has been difficult to find in recent years, forcing fans to resort to emulators and other measures.

This made Square Enix's announcement of the Crysis Core remaster, which coincided with last month's reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Reborn, an even more welcome one.

Square Enix isoverhauling the graphics, interface, and somewhat controversially, the voice cast. overhauling the graphics, interface, and somewhat controversially, the voice cast.

According to Kitase, Crisis Corps was not conceived in response to the Final Fantasy 7 remake infamous reveal.

Rather, the book says that the successful development of Final Fantasy 7 Remake prompted Square Enix to realize that other stories in the universe could be updated as well.

Crisis Core history stretches back to the days of the PSP, when fans lined up for Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS3.

When the reunion was announced last month, fan response was largely positive, with what seemed like a lot of noticeable visuals.  But there were also questions.

How deep will this remaster (or remake) go?  And what about the Rick Gomez-led voice, which did a lot to get Jack in the first place?

On the first point, it's clear that Crisis Core will indeed be a significant update.  In addition to the overhauled graphics, Crysis Core will be fully voiced, while also featuring a revamped soundtrack.