Kuo: only the iPhone 15 Pro Max is getting a periscope lens

We're some two months away from Apple's expected iPhone 14 launch event, but we already think we know everything there is to know about the upcoming four handsets.

But the most expensive handset will not get the telephoto lens upgrade that some had expected.

The first periscope zoom camera should hit the iPhone 15 series next year, but only the Pro Max model.

Every new iPhone camera generation brings an upgrade over the predecessor.

The same will happen this year with the iPhone 14 series, where the Pro models will get the iPhone's first 48-megapixel wide camera lens.

And iOS 16 will likely bring new software features to the iPhone 14 cameras.

The Apple 2022 iPhone lineup will provide the biggest difference between non-Pro devices and the iPhone 14 Pro model.

But Apple can't improve the optical zoom experience on the iPhone without adding a periscope lens to the handset.

This is a camera bent at 90 degrees inside the phone, using a prism and a long lens to direct light to the sensor.