Nacon just announced an open-world Terminator survival game

John Krasinski makes waves during his epic cameo Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness like Mr. Fantastic's version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, a new Terminator game could set things right and revive the game's fan base in this day and age.

Nacon on Thursday revealed an unnamed open-world Terminator game, along with several other upcoming games.

The announcement comes as no surprise to the gaming scene as developers have previously developed unique titles that have turned into classics.

A T-800 is seen hunting someone through a warehouse, and it seems to be looking for its next victim.

Although no gameplay has been revealed, Nakon has stated that it will be a survival game, which seems fitting for the era in which this Terminator game is set.

It's unclear how hard the survival game will be, so we'll update this article once we have that information.

With that said, now the main question is when can we expect the new game.

As of the form of things, the game will still take a very long time to develop, so a 2023 release date would make sense.

The console and platform that will host the Terminator survival project are also yet to be confirmed by Naikon.