Nintendo Switch Pro Rumor Leaks First Deals About New Console

Everything we know so far about this mystery device, including all the latest Nintendo Switch Pro news, rumours, specs and more.

Given the great success and popularity of the system, it is something of a mystery that we still don't know for sure whether a successor is in the works.

Based on how the game world generally operates, it's safe to say there probably is one.  As if to fan the fires of anticipation, Nintendo took a step in the opposite direction in 2019, launching the cheaper, non-modular Switch Lite.

Talk of the Switch Pro name has waned a bit in 2022, the Nintendo Switch 2 being a popular working title now, and the idea of a Super Switch is gaining traction among fans, too.a Super Switch is gaining traction among fans, too.

For all this crap, the Nintendo Switch is still the definitive new-gen handheld console

Its lack of firepower (at least compared to full fat systems like PlayStation 5) in conjunction with Assassin Games makes up for

That all-important dash of portability and ninety magic.

It looks like Nintendo is betting that high-profile new exclusives will continue selling Switch... but for how long?

We've dug through all the internet gossip to pick out the most likely story.