PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Game Pass - How the two gaming subscription services compare

which one is better?  It's not going to be very easy for Sony as Microsoft has left no stone unturned to make Game Pass one of the best subscription services for games, and being one of the users, it's good, if not the best.  .

The PS Plus isn't much different from what the Xbox is offering.  Both have three levels and free games, special discounts and what not.

The cheapest tier of Sony's new subscription service takes on Xbox's old Live Gold.  What is common between them?  Well, you need to subscribe to any one of them to play online multiplayer on your respective console.

PlayStation Plus Essential and Xbox Live Gold both offer free games, but Xbox only offers older titles compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360, while Sony also offers newer titles compatible with PS5.

Also, Sony is a bit strict about cloud storage.  When it comes to cloud storage the plan doesn't really matter with the PS Plus.

However, the PS Plus Essentials has an edge over Xbox Live Gold - you get free exclusive content on games - which is available on Xbox Game Pass.

The Essential tier costs the same as the PlayStation Plus before Sony reintroduced the new tyres.  So, PS Plus Essentials comes to Rs 499 per month, Rs 1,199 per quarter or Rs 2,999 per year.

Sony offers 100GB of free cloud storage for game data on the PS4 and PS5.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is quite flexible with this and offers unlimited storage, which expands as your saved data grows.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live Gold costs Rs 349 per month, Rs 749 per quarter and Rs 1,999 annually.  Yes, PlayStation Plus Essential is costlier than Xbox Live Gold, but it justifies its cost with a list of free games and exclusive content on PS5.