Review Flavor Girls

Review Flavor Girls

The years-long gestation period added many different influences to the mix, from post-apocalyptic alien invasion fiction to Eurocomics and more traditional magical girl manga.

But writer Loic Locatelli-Kornavski and colorist Eros de Santiago have finally pulled all those threads together, so let's see if their efforts bear fruit.

Twelve years before the comic took place, an alien ship appeared to be cruising over the Pacific Ocean.

Then came climate disasters, and a team of Earth's chosen diplomats faced only violence.

The appearance of the mysterious "Flavor Girls", a team of warriors in colorful costumes blessed with powers from something called the "Mother Tree".

And in the present, after falling into a giant pineapple, young activist Sarah finds herself the latest recruit.  This is a far cry from the UN job she was applying for.

But making a difference might mean waving a pineapple stick and taking the exotic "Argarthian" on the head.

This is a comic where fruit-themed magical girls have to allow national representatives

But these are nature-based heroes, so their forest hideout adds a healthy helping of green to the mix.  It all comes together in a colorful, welcoming atmosphere.