Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro price leaked

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro / Galaxy Buds Pro 2 on August 10

A new rumor today claims to have revealed the upcoming price of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in the US market.

They are reportedly priced at $229.99.  will be

Which is $30 more than when the Galaxy Buds Pro became available.

If this happens, expect similar price hikes in other markets.

Another source says that the new buds will have support for 24-bit audio.

Previous rumors talked about three color variants: White, Graphite and Bora Purple.

To keep up with the Colors theme, we also have "confirmation" in the form of rumors that new wearables from Samsung will arrive.

We're looking at Gold, Gray and Silver for the 40mm Watch5, Blue, Gray and Silver for the 44m model, and Black and Gray for the Pro.