Shannon Maer's First Fully Painted Comic, Sirens Gate

Shannon Meier is a comic industry-leading cover artist on titles such as Vampirella, Amazing Spider-Man, Cult of Dracula, Buffy and Firefly.

Following in the footsteps of absolute legends like Alex Ross, Shannon Meier is unquestionably one of comics' biggest stars when it comes to cover artists.

His lush pieces have been featured on countless best-selling top titles throughout the industry, including Dynamite's own Vampirella and countless classics on others.

Fans have been asking for years if and when Shannon could do the full interior artwork and writing for the comic.

Well, they don't have to wait any longer, as Shannon and Dynamite unveiled the Siren Gate.

"As the pages began to come together, it felt like another level of dimension was added to my work," said producer Shannon Meier.

When a mysterious young man makes an unexpected invitation, Tara is surprised at the opportunity to meet her literary idol, Lady Rose.

Readers shouldn't miss this big splash from one of the industry's brightest stars, as Shannon writes, paints, and writes letters throughout the series.

Editor Becky Fuller said, "Shannon has put her heart and soul into this project and I believe it is reflected here."