The World's 10 Most Beautiful Countries

The World's 10 Most Beautiful Countries

              1.Japan  No country possibly balances the excitement of a city with the serenity of nature quite like Japan.

               2.Peru Many people have heard of the monumental ruins of the Inca at Machu Picchu, but consider that only of the wonders of Peru is silver.

               3.Iceland  Underground ice caves, giant volcanoes and black sand beaches- Iceland has some of the most unique landscapes on the planet.

               4.Kenya  The East African nation has earned a worldwide reputation for its expensive savanna grasslands and diverse wildlife.

         5.Namibia  With amber sand dunes, endless golden meadows and emerald-blue lagoons, Namibia's vast natural beauty is unmatched.

            6.Thailand  Across its nearly 1,43o islands, Thailand offers a wide variety of attractions, from the bustling city of Bangkok to the mangrove beaches and lush jungles of Koh Kood.

            7.Greece  Sing whimsy and wonder through Greece's picturesque islands and islets.

         8.New Zealand  From its 9,000 miles of soaring beaches to its turquoise lakes cut through the mountains, New Zealand boasts some of the most intriguing landscapes in the world.

                 9.Chile  Due to its long, narrow shape, Chile spans an incredibly diverse range of terrain and climates, such as the glacial fjords in Patagonia and the rolling vineyards of the country's Elqui Valley.

                10.Italy  Praised for its mouth-watering cuisine, picturesque pastel villages and enduring appreciation for art, it's hard to know where to start when talking about Italy and its beauty.