Top 10 best Anime Mecha Series


Knights Of Sidonia

Beginning as the first Netflix original anime, Knights of Sidonia came with an entry barrier due to its platform exclusivity and its 3D CG animation.

Star Driver

Star Driver finds a rhythm in his first episode and follows it for almost the entire race; Basically, if the first few chapters don't take off with the audience.

The Big O

The Big O is one of those rare anime that got more viewers in Western countries than in Japan.


Bokurano is a "realistic" mecha anime, in the sense that it tries to portray the world's reaction to large-scale battles involving monsters and robots in as close a way as possible.


Promare Unfiltered Studio is trigger goodness. The 2019 film imagines a world divided by discrimination against a group called the "Burnish".


A fever dream of anime, FLCL can be described as a wide range of things. A surreal comedy full of philosophical thoughts.


Gunbuster was Hideki Eno's directorial debut, and producers would follow the anime with Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Broken Blade

Consisting of six OVAs, Break Blade takes the familiar concept of a hero piloting a mecha to defend a nation from a powerful invading force and adds a delightful twist through the inclusion of a magic system.

Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic! Its popularity has been inconsistent over the years.


Macross continued to receive sequels as recently as 2016.