Orange Lightning


Top 10 Best Story Missions In Grand Theft Auto 5

Michael And Franklin Meet For The First Time In "Complications"

Michael Gets A Job At Lifeinvader In "Friend Request"

"Marriage Counseling" Saw Michael And Franklin Literally Pull Down A House

You Can Land A Plane Inside Another Plane In "Minor Turbulence"

Trevor Goes To War With The O'Neil Brothers In "Crystal Maze"

Going On The Wrong Type Of Trip In "Did Somebody Say Yoga?"

"I Fought The Law..." Features High-Speed Races And Hilarious Fake Cops

Michael And Trevor Team Up To Take Down A Plane In "Caida Libre"

"Three's Company" Is The First Mission That Unites All Three Protagonists

Trevor and Ron Take On The Lost MC's Airplane Deliveries In "Nervous Ron"