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top 10 most Fastest Supercomputers In The World | 2022


Sequoia uses IBM's BlueGene/Q Server to deliver a theoretical peak performance of 20 petaflops. It has 123% more cores and is 37% more energy efficient than its predecessor, the K computer.


Pangea III relies on IBM's AI-optimized, high-performance architecture. IBM and NVIDIA worked together to build the industry's only CPU-to-GPU NVLink connection.


Lassen is named for unclassified simulation and analysis. It is installed in the same lab and using the same building components as Sierra (#2 fastest supercomputer).


The SuperMUC-NG houses 6,400 Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 direct-water-cooled computing nodes with more than 700 terabytes of main memory and 70 petabytes of disk storage.

AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure

It is the world's first large-scale open AI computing infrastructure that delivers 32.577 petaflops of peak performance.


Trinity is designed to provide an exceptional computational capability for the NNSA Nuclear Security Enterprise.

Piz Daint

Named after the mountain Piz Dent in the Swiss Alps, the supercomputer runs on the Intel Xeon E5-26xx microprocessor and the NVIDIA Tesla P100.


Frontera opens up new possibilities in engineering and research by providing extensive computational resources that make it easier for scientists to tackle many complex challenges across a wide range of domains.


With over 16,000 computer nodes, Tianhe-2A represents the world's largest installation of Intel Ivy Bridge and Xeon Phi processors.

Sunway TaihuLight

TaihuLight's computing power comes from a domestic multiple-core SW26010 CPU that includes both computing processing elements and management processing elements.