UFC 276: Israel Adesanya vs Jared Cannonier play-by-play, full fight results, video highlights

we are walking.  Cannonier leg kick miss.  Adesanya landed one of his own.  The cannoneer is moving to start the fight.  Adesanya patient as always but lands his second good leg kick.

Now a front body kick lands for the champion.  Cannonier now lands a leg kick.  It appears that the cannonier plan is to attack Adesanya's feet.  He is linked with some good kicks now.

Adesanya is furious and looks for the opening.  Good combination of 1-2 from Adesanya.  Another leg kick from Cannonier.  Adesanya's high kick has so far been blocked.  Cannonier said he would not hold on to Adesania like his previous opponents, but it is certain that he sees it that way.

He is falling into the trap of a slow-paced, technical counter-fight with Adesanya.  However, the leg kick is still working for him.  and then.  Adesnya high kick, cannoneer to avoid a duck.  Adesanya is still taking all his leg kicks.

Adesanya is now moving forward and the cannoneer is circling near him.  Business kicks legs.  Slow start for round two and it looks very similar.  Adesanya body kick then a leg kick.

Also land on the right left hand.  Easy fight so far for Adesanya.  Good leg kick from Adesanya as Cannonnier tries a strong left hand fight but misses.  However, a flash of power from the challenger.

Halfway through and under Adesanya's control.  Alex Pereira is shown on-screen in the UFC broadcast as he watches the fight after his win on the night.

Adesaniya Jabbing to start the fourth round.  Front body kick now and an outside leg kick from Champion.  Slow motion during battle.  Adesanya is picking and choosing his shots.  Sometimes landing with a body ab kicks in.

Occasional straight punches are spilled but not much action.  Cannonier now attempts a takedown.  He has an underhook and takes Adesanya back to the cage.  Not much is happening there for him.