WWE Creative Reportedly Assuming Sasha Banks and Naomi Aren't Coming Back

WWE has never commented on the stars' status with the company other than the initial announcements on Raw and SmackDown, but a new report from Fightful Select adds some details to the mix, including a view of the situation from WWE Creative.  Is.

Reportedly, WWE Creative is operating under the assumption that Banks and Naomi are not returning anything, and a member of the creative team said they have not heard of any contingency plans drawn up in the event.  that they return.

PWInsider reported on Thursday that Naomi and Banks had been dropped from the internal WWE roster, and Fightful learned that they had disappeared from the other internal rosters weeks ago.

No one in WWE's digital team has been asked to remove another person from the official website, although the report does mention that when someone was asked to edit Sasha Banks' signature for the photo gallery  was.

Reports have indicated that Banks' legal team was involved in securing the release, but neither Banks nor Naomi have publicly commented on the situation.

If they're actually no longer a part of WWE, it's only a matter of time before they show up at another company, and many would immediately point to AEW and Impact Wrestling as the most likely destinations.

WWE is also silent on what the future holds for the Women's Tag Team Championship, which Banks and Naomi abandoned before leaving the arena ahead of Monday Night Raw.

Shortly after her departure, it was announced that WWE would hold a tournament to decide the new Women's Tag Team Champions, but nothing followed, at least on television.

The women's division was already a bit thin before the tag team went away, so we may have struggled to find enough teams to compete.