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Waller managed to trick his former friend and current NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes into a fight for the title, and Hayes was looking to add another victory to his building resume.

It was easy to see how well the two opponents knew each other, as they reversed and countered each other's moves throughout the match.

It would ultimately be Hayes who got the last laugh, delivering the final blow to retain his NXT North American Championship at the Great American Bash.

The bell rang and Hayes and Waller met in the center, exchanging holds and pulling some hairs to start the match.

The former friends countered each other's moves and Waller first went for cover but then Hayes returned the favor, but both kicked out.

Hayes dodged Waller's kick and then looked at one of his watches before hitting the chop.

The duo made a stylish steal and then Waller got a hard punch before going over the top.

Hayes was back on his feet with two pick kicks to the head and then he hit a huge leg drop before going for the pin, but Waller kicked out.

Waller lifted Hayes onto his shoulders and then slammed him onto the mat before exiting the ring, and Wallet followed up with a big clothesline that knocked Champion hard to the floor.