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What are the pros and cons of playing video games 2022

Violent video games have a direct relationship to the health of their players. Also, it impresses people that these players come into video games every day. Sometimes, these games can be suitable for children. This is because it promotes their social development, creates new imaginary opportunities and enhances potential.

Video games come with pros as well as cons. It’s up to you how you choose to use the video game. You can learn whatever you want. Latest games are coming up with innovative technology which can motivate gamers to indulge in this technology.

In the last 3 years, the gaming industry has developed a lot, a lot of new games have come in the market, many games have become very popular, including Pubg mobile, GTA Online, Coll of duty, Mario, minecraft and more. As much as there are advantages of playing games, they also have disadvantages. video game can be played by people of lost age, 90% of it is children.

Activision This is one of the most famous game company, it had shared data of one month of Call of Duty, in which the game players played 600 million hours i.e. 68 thousand years on Call of Duty. If the play time of all the gamers is added then there is so much time.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of playing video games

What is the effect on the mind by playing games, is it good to play games or what effect does it have on your body, you will get the answer to all these questions today.

games If you play more then you may have to face a lot of problems it is better to play games in reasonable amount. You neither have to play more nor less, you have to play in a balance, it has a great effect on your mind, positiveness increases in your mind.

A lot of news related to games keeps on coming, in this you are told that games are putting a bad effect on the mind but this is not a true thing, ignore this kind of news and take information about some logic and fact.

Playing games increases the focus, the ability to see colors increases, the body of gamers is more sensitive than common people.

What are the pros and cons of playing video games frequently?

advantage: entertainment, the mind is also get used to a good level in games, & if you plao a lot of Rpg games you will learn a lot about different scenarios and peoples behavior.

disadvantage: it’s gonna consume a lot of your time that you could have used for productivity unless you are making a living out of gaming, in some cases it effects the social life as the gamer will definitely choose to play a game at home rather than hanging out with friends and family.

What are pros and cons of role-playing video games?

For the cons:

How long can one person take to play them? This is a cheat only if the player in question does not know how to manage his time. Spending money on video games can be a problem for some people.

Then again, some people spend a lot of money on many other things. Some players managed to die (literally) from playing for too long. Again, no one was holding a gun to their head and/or forcing them to play longer than to take care of themselves.

Common sense in the matter could have prevented it. Some others may think that you are a violent (and/or negative of all things in general) person because you play RPGs or video games at all. They are called “stupid people”. Note that for future references as you may have to bear them around.

For the pros:

If an RPG can’t teach you “look before you jump”, nothing else will!! It has many social aspects. The player in question will just have to hope that the community is not so “toxic”. Personally I’ve met a lot of different people in many different online games.

I have had good conversations with some of them. There seems to be nothing better than having the others 100% dumbass douche bag. The good thing is that RPGs make for a good conversation with your friends who also happen to play the same game. Me and many of my friends could sit/stand for hours talking about these things. Yes we can!! For the most part, RPG players want their team, hero(s), character, or whatever you want to call them to do great things.

To do this, it will involve a lot of reading, watching, testing, and pondering. These are always considered good skills. Even if a player checks out all the guides available for RPGs, they still have what they currently have to work with. This means that their setup may not match the guide(s) they have seen yet. So now it’s all about reading, watching, testing and pondering. All of this in hopes of getting the most for their current setup, while also matching or surpassing the guides they’ve seen.

There IS money making involved and there are many forms of making that money. A lot of this depends on what RPG you’re playing. Some people, like me, play video games as their job or their only job. Just remember that it can be a fun job but it is still a job.

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