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What Keke Palmer said on Twitter about the Zendaya comparison

What Keke Palmer said on Twitter about the Zendaya comparison : While Keke is turning heads with her feature in Jordan Peele’s latest superhit film Nope, people have overlooked her other achievements and the actress took it upon herself to explain it.

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Zendaya, who is known for wearing hearts on her sleeve, has not addressed the debate on Twitter that is drawing comparisons between her and Keke.

Now, according to an interview with British Vogue, Palmer is currently working on her directorial debut for a film titled Bigg Boss. The film will be a documentary centered around his experiences in the music industry, and will be accompanied by an album of the same name, which he describes as “a collection of different vibes”, indicating that he is a Coming into herself as a woman.

Furthermore, Bigg Boss is also the name of the record label formed in 2018 which aims to empower and give back to themselves and their peers in the creative community, creating a following for fellow artists.

Keke Palmer is being treated side-by-side with Zendaya on Twitter after her starring role in Jordan Peele’s new film — sparking a conversation about colorism in Hollywood.

Here’s the deal… KK rocked this weekend in “Nope” opposite Danielle Kaluuya, with some arguing it was her breakout moment in the mainstream. Yes, she’s worked in tons of movies/shows over the years — but before that, she wasn’t really a well-known name, generally… JP’s flicks put her on the map like she was before never been.

That’s where Zendaya enters the chat (metaphorically)… someone on the bird app said that KK deserves the same publicity and praise Zendaya usually enjoys these days. And from there… people started talking about why one might have climbed before the other.

No, which debuted in first place at the weekend’s box office with an estimated $44 million, is a science-fiction horror film starring Palmer opposite Daniel Kaluuya.

Palmer was a child star in the title role of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, which debuted in 2008 and ran for three seasons. Other credits include a voice role in Akilah and the Bee, Scream Queens, Hustlers and this year’s Pixar film Lightyear, as well as being co-hosts of the third hour of Good Morning America, with Strahan, Sarah and Keke.

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