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where is the best place to land in pubg mobile | Where is best drop in PUBG mobile?

While playing PUBG mobile game, this question must have come in your mind that which will be the best place for ladying in Pubg mobile. Today we are going to answer this question to you, we will tell you 10 best places where you can land and you will get many weapons in the beginning, so let’s start without any delay.

how to land fast in pubg mobile

To land the fastest in PUBG mobile, you have to select the best location, as soon as you go a little closer to the location, you have to jump, you have to get straight down. With this trick, you will get down very fast and you will increase your chances of getting weapons first.

If you are a new player in pubg mobile then the best place for you will be school apartment, you will get all weapons very soon and you can spend a lot of time in school apartment, by doing this your ranking in pubg mobile will be much better.

PUBG mobile: top 5 Best landing spots guide

1). Pochinki : Firstly Pochinki Erangel is located in the center of the map and therefore Pochinki usually gets in the way from any part of the map plan and hence is very popular. The second Pochinki has the most gun loot and the Pochinki area also has flare guns.

Thirdly it is very famous because about 2/5 of the plane members land on Pochinki which is great to increase KD ratio and hence majority come here for good kill and loot. These are some of the reasons why Pochinki is popular in PUBG.

2). School : Perhaps the biggest attraction of them all, the school is a large U-shaped building filled with great loot. Expect multiple players to launch a scramble for the same gear upon landing – the action moves at a frightening pace here

3). Sosnovka Military Base : PUBG Mobile makes weapons and other things after players jump off the plane. I have played pubg for a year now and the old game versions are some time behind and if you are able to land very fast you can see that the weapons were being generated there and you had to wait for two to three seconds.

Now based on the loot numbers from PUBG Mobile, players jumped to land on the spot. Sometimes nothing happens in a place of great loot when there is only one squad and everything happens in small houses when two squads land there.

4). Lipovka:That if you are playing pubg than stay as much far from the landing route as much as you can as it is the main place of fighting.

5). Los Leones: Grab whatever I find in Los Leones and bolt to a car. Find a secluded space and hide for as long as possible. Results may vary. If I have an AKM and a sniper, I’m pretty confident, but that is sometimes your downfall.

What are tips and tricks can you give for playing PUBG Mobile?

All these tricks are not suggested by me but by my friends and with the help of internet.

So please make sure if you have read some of these before I got them from the internet.

happy reading !

After jumping off the plane, you can cover a maximum distance of 1500 meters. So be careful while choosing a place to jump and land.

Familiarize yourself with. A familiar area where you land almost all the time or go all the time will give you an advantage in battle. Pick a spot and land there often and in a fight you will know better places to hide, ambush and plunder than others.

radiation Zone. the blue circle is the called the radiation zone. it gives 4 damage 1st time and increase to 12 damage per second in the last round. so be careful and play in the zone as much as you can in the end time of the game.

Stay near buildings so that if you start taking damage and you don’t see them, you can just run into a corner to give you some time to set up if they chase you.

Long battles attract a lot of attention and should be avoided use your third-person camera to peek around the other side which is an effective way to stay safe.

Peek as much as you can even when you’re at home. Always choose the pan over the other scramble.

Its damage is high and it can stop the bullets. Make sure you are in perfect health before getting into the fight.

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