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Which is the best place to land in PUBG Mobile and battleground mobile India

PUBG mobile and battleground mobile India These are both battle royale games, you play in this game by making your own team and you have to survive in this game, this game is very much liked by all players. The graphics of this game is very good, you can play this game very easily in both mobile and PC.

In pubg mobile you get to see many new updates, in defeat update pubg mobile corporation brings some new things. If you are a pubg player then today we have brought something new for you, today we are going to tell you about the pubg mobile map, whose car you are going to play pubg mobile very well.

Which place is best for landing in PUBG mobile ? (Erangel map)

The most liked map in PUBG mobile is Erangel map, all the players play very well in this map. In this map, 5 best places for landing have been told, you will get a lot of loot everywhere and it is a much safer place.

1). pochinki – The most liked place in pubg mobile is pochinki, you will get to see a lot of loot at this place, a lot of players come to this place, so this place is not safe for new players, you need Tim to land in pochinki You will have to work with a strategy.

2). school apartment – You will get to see high quality items in the school apartment. Very good loot is available at this place, for this this place is favorite of many players, but you will get to see many good weapons and scope.

You are going to like this world very much in erangel map, you will be able to play very well in the school apartment because this place is arranged very well

3). Georgopol – Georgopol is the largest town in Erangel. In this place you get to see a lot of containers, if you want, you can land in this place, you will like it very much.

Players like to land at this place very much and if you land at this place then you will get a lot of kills, this place is very dangerous for new players, if you have to land at this place then you should have very good control over the game.

4). military base – PUBG players‘ most favorite place is the military base, there are many things in the military base, there is a lot of loot on yaha and you can attack the enemy by hiding anywhere in this place, due to the high loot, you will see a lot of players playing on yaha.

If you are a new player then you can land at this place and attack anywhere, you will get a lot of kills at this place. This place is very famous for high quality weapons.

5). Zharki – The most beautiful place in pubg mobile is Zharki, you must definitely come to this place, you will get to see many beautiful trees and flowers, have explained this place very well and can land at this place without any problem.

Which is the safest place for landing in PUBG Mobile (Erangel)?

The safest place to land in Erangel would be anywhere along the edges of the map, as long as it is nowhere near Gorgeopol, Sosnovka Military Base, Novorepnoye, or Mylta.

You can try some locations like a mine, shooting range, stallbar, mansion, or ruin if you want some comparatively good loot without putting yourself in too much trouble. And do not land anywhere that is directly under the back of the plane.

That being said, I always recommend going to places with more players, if not hot drops. That way, you’ll die early in the game, but you’ll also learn to play it better by dying over and over again. Simply put, being frogs by fire.

Which location is best for PUBG?

Pochinki, Novo, Rozhok, sometimes Military Base because here I get good loot and I can get some early kills which help me maintain my KD. Once I have enough kills, I can focus on winning and not worry about dying and damaging my stats.

There are no secret places but there are places where you can loot without stopping.

If you’re playing singles vs squad or doubles vs squad there are some really good places where you can get good loot. There is good loot in compounds from the coast of Primorsk to the hospital. You can easily get a good AR, DMR, scope and enough ammo.

The best part is that there is always a vehicle on the side of that road, so reaching the zone will not be a problem. Similar loot can be found along the road from Severni to Jharki.

Where do most players land in PUBG?

One technique I’d like to share isn’t really a secret – only that it’s not as widely known or used given how difficult it is to be mastered by the typical PUBG Mobile player who plays on a regular basis.

The technique is called moving while shooting consecutive rounds. Players can take advantage of this by becoming more elusive by shooting continuously. While they are dealing damage, their enemies will have a much harder time hitting a player who is running and shooting at the same time.

To move and shoot at the same time, you have to initiate your movement with the left virtual joystick on the phone. Then, right after starting your movement or at the same time, press and hold the right trigger button and drag your right thumb as necessary to aim at the target.

You can choose to move in a zig-zag way or just straddle one side without changing direction. While the zig-zagging can make it difficult to hit, you may also struggle to hit the enemy because of the rapid change in direction. With strafing in one direction, you’re easier to hit, but you’re still elusive and can land shots more easily.

Although I don’t play the game anymore because I’d prefer not to waste 30+ minutes per round, I really enjoyed playing the game, especially after mastering the technique.

This “move and shoot at the same time” technique increased my success in the game by several levels compared to before adding it to my skill set.

It only takes a few hours to configure all the buttons to fit in with each other and practice in training mode. If you conceptualize what you need to do first, practice different move combinations, and then try them out in rounds important to your stats, it shouldn’t take long to master and every effort will be worth it .

Incorporating this technique into his arsenal of skills can propel the player to become deadly in close and medium level combat. When 2 enemies shoot each other from mid-range, players usually move forward until they find a place to hide and shoot.

They don’t expect each other to move much when they exchange fire. So, if you can move and shoot for midrange combat, the opponent is likely to be dead, focusing on shooting before they realize they have to move to avoid damage. is required.

For close combat, make sure the initial target speed, aiming while running, and running movements are all solid to deal damage as quickly as possible, while minimizing damage to yourself.

After mastering the technique, I was sometimes able to engage 2 enemies in open field in midrange combat. Whenever they hit me, it makes sense to lose in a 2 in 1 fight. If I kill both, he was definitely impressive.

For a 1 in 1 couple in close or medium level combat, I estimate my success rate to be between 70-85%. If an enemy was forced to fight at close range, he was good as dead.

Many chicken dinners were won by this technique. In terms of terrain, I applied it equally to open fields, crowded places and smoke grenade clouds.

The skill can also be applied equally when you move first, your opponent moves first, or when both sides move at roughly the same time. It really helps to be able to escape to a hiding place while the enemy is waiting to move to a safe area there or beg for enemies to move to another area.

The “move and shoot at the same time” skill is my favorite of the whole game. I think it had the most dramatic effect on my success and satisfaction. I have no doubt that it could take any player several light years above where they were before mastering it.

Which place has the best loot in BGMI?

Pochinki– Pochinki is located in the center of Erangel in BGMI. It is by far the most popular place for loot and fighting in the early stages of matches.

Pochinki, being in the center of Erangel, mostly occupies the area. The assemblages of the house make it an ideal location for looting. The sounds of machine guns as well as snipers and assault rifles can be heard from the very first minute of the fall.
BGMI Esports also witnesses various teams falling into Pochinki.

Which map is best for rank push in BGMI?

Raising the ranks and climbing to the top of the leaderboard is a common goal for many Battlegrounds Mobile India players.

The new season of BGMI started a few weeks ago and players are already working hard to climb to the top of the leaderboards. However, every player has a different style of gameplay. Some prefer to engage in the initial fights while others prefer to avoid the initial clashes altogether.

Erangel: For Erangel maps, the quarry is always a safe place for landing. Players will be able to get a good amount of loot that will help them in the later stages of the match. Moreover, here they will hardly face any opponent in the opening round of the match.

Which is the safest place to land in Erangel?

Zharki and Nearby Areas: Far Jarki is the safest place to drop off. The loot is moderate and spread out so you will have to spend some time collecting it but the loot quality is actually quite good. You can sometimes get up to two sets of Level 3 vests and helmets at Jharki.

The main issue is the aircraft path and vehicle. Sometimes no vehicle comes out in Jharki which is a major issue though it doesn’t happen very often. It is a risky bet but well worth it as you get good loot. This is my No. 1 choice for safe robbery on Erangel.

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