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Why fans are going wild over Tamil actor Dhanush appearing in ‘The Gray Man’

Why fans are going wild over Tamil actor Dhanush appearing in ‘The Gray Man’ : After the screening of Dhanush’s much-awaited Hollywood film ‘The Gray Man’ in Los Angeles, fans have taken to social media to discuss his character in the film.

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As the release date of upcoming Hollywood film The Gray Man nears, streaming platform Netflix has released a series of promotional videos and teasers for the film, raising fans’ excitement.

Helmed by the Russo Brothers, The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Dhanush in lead roles, while actors Reggae-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton and Wagner Moura are also part of the cast.

Recently after the screening of the film in Los Angeles, it was revealed that Chris Evans refers to Dhanush as ‘my dear Tamil friend’ in a scene from the film, exciting fans of the Kollywood actor.

On Tuesday, July 12, a clip of a fight scene between Dhanush, Ryan and Ana de Armas was released by the makers, and has been trending on YouTube since its release. The Gray Man will premiere on streaming platform Netflix on July 22.

Dhanush, who attended the premiere of The Gray Man with his sons Yatra and Ling, also shared pictures on social media where he is seen in a black suit and posing for the cameras. Sharing the pictures, Dhanush wrote, “When you find out they totally stole the show from you. The Gray Man premiered with Journey and Ling.”

While the makers haven’t revealed much about Dhanush’s character in the film, both the actors and the directors have noted that it was an exciting role. Earlier this week, while speaking about being selected for the film at a post-screening press conference in Los Angeles, Dhanush said that he does not know how he became a part of The Gray Man.

When asked about landing the opportunity, Dhanush said, “I don’t know how I ended up in this film.” Everyone laughed at his answer. He continued, “I was thrilled and very excited. Of course, I don’t get to say much in the film. I was very thrilled and looking for an opportunity to learn and explore.”

Speaking about Dhanush’s character in a Twitter space session ahead of the trailer launch, filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo had said, “Anthony and I are big fans of Dhanush. We have written this role especially for him.

He There’s a kind of classic big a** character, who comes to counter the protagonist and complicate the movie. He’s a fun character. He’s unique. Dhanush has a great presence on camera and the character is almost mystical in a way The intention is that if audiences love this film, we expand to tell the story from here, and it’s a compelling character to move into that world.”

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